September 14, 2009 by

making a motorcycle look like a a piece of crap goes fairly easy. all you need to do is remove the fairing – preferably by hand. with a ducati the bike reveales its true beauty the more you peal off the GRP.

the ss frame – utterly beautiful

fortunately the bike had been changed from full-fairing to half-fairing by its previous owner, which means the regulator and the ignition coils had already been moved from the front to the tail. this will simplify the upcoming work for a new tailsection.

ignition coils

most of this will not live through the next phase :)

back in the shop

August 29, 2009 by

finally! after a long absence, i’m back in the shop with my „new“ project. i’ve been longing for this for quite a while now. last fall (or was it summer…) the 900 ssie kinda fell into my lap. i bought the bike from a german forum user. so the bike had to be imported and registered in switzerland – not a easy task which took some efforts and shrewdness. after all it was worth it though and i finally had the bike registered and got the vehicle registration certificate just a few weeks ago.

original look ssie

here are a few specific parameters about the bike:

– 2002 model with ohlins shock and 5-sprocket marchesini wheels
– high compression engine tune-up with double spark ignition system
– manifold preparation
– progressive fork springs
– TSS slippery clutch

my plans are to strip the baby down (maybe to its frame) and give her an new overall look. the super sport to me has always had a somewhat soft appearance so i think she could take a little aggressiveness. ARC used to do a pretty good job with that but unfortuanelly they have vanished from the surface of the planet.

so in the next few months i will try to feed the site and update you on the progress of transformation. and since i spend so much time waiting and doing adminstrative b.s. work for the authorities during the registration process, i also got to spend a lot of time in the internet and have already bought a lot of the nice goodies…

öhlins rear shock 996

Juli 23, 2009 by

and another one from my garage…

for sale is an öhlins rear shock absorber from a ducati 996 in mint condition. typ S46PR1C2B with shock nr. 1091-21/75 210

selling price is € 430 or CHF 650 respectively

brembo radial brake 19×20

Juli 22, 2009 by

i’m selling a used brembo radial master brake cylinder (with lever) 19×20

selling price is € 195 or CHF 290 respectively. here are some pics – enjoy :)

ducati escape

April 6, 2009 by

oh, i just found a very unique character from downunder the other day. and since i’m so fascinated by his sheer presence, i had to create him his own category „the perfect corner“. he personalises rock ‚ n roll and bevel-mania. the first thing that came to my mind was, how the hell did the reverend willy G end up with the aussies and from where did he get all these wicked bevels?

by the way; the black & gold honey you can order here at banana blue.