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1 out of 1500

Februar 13, 2010

just in case someone has some spare change. here’s a profitable investment for your extra cash

auction on ricardo ends march 6th. so hurry up and contact your consultant :)

851 / 888 parts

Januar 28, 2010

i’m cleaning up my garage and i’ve found two items for the 851 / 888:

2-1 manifold, 45mm diameter, perfect condition € 400.-

a headlight mounting subframe, used condition with a little crack (needs some refreshing) € 150.-

selling the beast (SOLD)

Januar 3, 2010

i’ve finally decided to put my monster up for sale. my garage is getting too small for all the bikes and i have at least two projects waiting for completion…

so here are the specifications for this exclusive custom job which was finished in 2007. the basis is a 1994 model monster 900M (the one with the large valves). the following modifications were made:
– 43mm sbk showa fork (tin coating), fully adjustable
– polished aluminum swingarm with precision bearings from emil schwarz and 30mm titan rear axle
– marchesini aluminum y-rims and xx9 discs
– brembo p30/34 breakecalipers
– öhlins rear shock, fully adjustable
– brembo radial brake master cylinder – pr16 (steal braded lines)
– digital speedo from dakota digital
– 996 model clip-ons
– aluminum forged foot pegs ducati performance style
– dunstal reverse cone mufflers
– other little modifications like short rear and rear raising, mini blinker, clear-glas headlight, led backlight, open clutch cover, neue lackierung etc.

the bike is registered in switzerland. the chassis and the brakesystem are registered. all the necessary original components are included.

price for the bike as described is € 5’100

just a short (and sad) update; the beast has been sold…


September 14, 2009

making a motorcycle look like a a piece of crap goes fairly easy. all you need to do is remove the fairing – preferably by hand. with a ducati the bike reveales its true beauty the more you peal off the GRP.

the ss frame – utterly beautiful

fortunately the bike had been changed from full-fairing to half-fairing by its previous owner, which means the regulator and the ignition coils had already been moved from the front to the tail. this will simplify the upcoming work for a new tailsection.

ignition coils

most of this will not live through the next phase :)

back in the shop

August 29, 2009

finally! after a long absence, i’m back in the shop with my „new“ project. i’ve been longing for this for quite a while now. last fall (or was it summer…) the 900 ssie kinda fell into my lap. i bought the bike from a german forum user. so the bike had to be imported and registered in switzerland – not a easy task which took some efforts and shrewdness. after all it was worth it though and i finally had the bike registered and got the vehicle registration certificate just a few weeks ago.

original look ssie

here are a few specific parameters about the bike:

– 2002 model with ohlins shock and 5-sprocket marchesini wheels
– high compression engine tune-up with double spark ignition system
– manifold preparation
– progressive fork springs
– TSS slippery clutch

my plans are to strip the baby down (maybe to its frame) and give her an new overall look. the super sport to me has always had a somewhat soft appearance so i think she could take a little aggressiveness. ARC used to do a pretty good job with that but unfortuanelly they have vanished from the surface of the planet.

so in the next few months i will try to feed the site and update you on the progress of transformation. and since i spend so much time waiting and doing adminstrative b.s. work for the authorities during the registration process, i also got to spend a lot of time in the internet and have already bought a lot of the nice goodies…