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chop it off

März 28, 2010

the standard supersport tail is in my view far from supersport. so in order to make a standard ssie tail look really like „supersport“, there needs to be done some minor transformation…

a few months back i already had cut part of the tail. but i wasn’t satisfied with the results – especially since the desired rs 250 tail fairing didn’t properly fit on the shortened ssie frame. it then looked something like this:

i then decided to replace the entire backpart of the ssie frame with a 999 subframe – those things are hard to get for a reasonable price, sh*t!. but since good things come to those who wait, i go my share on and today i finally managed to find the time (and the guts) to make that final procedure on my bikes tail. after first approaching the CrMo-steel with a metal handsaw i quickly discovered that heavier machinery was necessary to finish the job befor the season ends…nurse please hand me the angle grinder.

before AGM

after AGM

here’s the detail

clean cuts ain’t it :)

those holes will be filled with some genuine custom subframe holders, soon. so stay tuned…


September 14, 2009

making a motorcycle look like a a piece of crap goes fairly easy. all you need to do is remove the fairing – preferably by hand. with a ducati the bike reveales its true beauty the more you peal off the GRP.

the ss frame – utterly beautiful

fortunately the bike had been changed from full-fairing to half-fairing by its previous owner, which means the regulator and the ignition coils had already been moved from the front to the tail. this will simplify the upcoming work for a new tailsection.

ignition coils

most of this will not live through the next phase :)